The Secret to Attract, Captivate and Control Women.

"...Guys and girls commented on how I "took control". there is still a lot of work to go in my life but thanks for the book, I have friends come to me for advice sometimes about their dating life...Thank you for your book, it is one of the most influential and powerful books I have ever read."

"In short, you deserve a Nobel Prize. The identifications have been masterfully observed and brilliantly written. In fact, it stand out as a Holy Grail pinnacle point for every man to own, toward understanding the mythical stereotype lazy acceptance that women can not be understood..."

Can you give me a wholesale price on 500 of your excellent book- "How To Get All The Girls You Want!". We would like to offer it by mailorder to our magazine readers...

Bob Kennedy, CANUSA Group Publication

Proven by thousands of men, a powerful, effective yet simple system of how to methodically attract, captivate and control women can be yours. Why else are you here? You don't even have to read it - its all on audio! Listen to the free chapter on "The Ho" below for an example. You can become an instant expert on women with one unified gameplan that doesn't depend on you trying to remember a bunch of do's and don'ts and checklists and "tips".   Listen to the whole book as a podcast and follow along in the Swimsuit Edition PDF you also get. It's illustrated by my in-house long-time Playboy® model  - just to keep what we are talking about real. Some eye candy for you to snack on to keep you focused...

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Powerful-Thousands of men now enjoy this  powerful system of Knowledge, Strategy and Technique to Attract, Captivate and Control women! Yes, that's right, we said "Control" and ain't apologizing. that's what we do. Attract, captivate and control women. They like it. You wanna be next and join the club with this secret inside system?
Proven-Make sure you read the emails below-this website and your potential success with females is REAL!  This is a no-brainer. It's not rocket science, but somebody who knows has to show you anything that you then learn and make your own. We show you. You learn. You do. You laugh at Men who don't know the secret. You get all kinds of girls they drool over. Life is good.
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Look, it's simple.  Psychologically and scientifically designed to generate a response from a systematical stimulus of her five senses in a specific pattern. She cannot help or control her reaction anymore than a kitten can resist a string dangled in front of it or a fish can resist a specifically designed lure. It will get ridiculously easy once you are at it long enough! but you gotta start so give us our well-earned $17 and get on with it! You will see for yourself and have a 60 day moneyback guarantee  -  for $17! - to do so.

Hell, you don't even have to read. It's all on audio! Listen to the audio and follow along in the pdf (which has a lot of sexy bikini shots of our in-house Playboy model to keep you focused 😉 and become an instant expert on how to Attract, Captivate and Control females! You get a whole package of stuff that works for $17. How.Much.Easier.Can.We.Make.It.For. You?

This is how much easier. Here. Listen to some audio from
How To Get all The Girls You Want!
There are Three Types of Women _ the Ho, the Freak and the Good Girl.
Listen to the description of the Ho.

Success with females is simple when someone who is proven to know what they are talking about just simply explains it right. Now learn about the second of the Three Types of Women; hear about "The Freak".
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See? Between realizing there really are Three distinct Types of women, and hearing the explanation of two of the three, you already know more than 90% of the guys out there. This is simple! Three Types of Women. The system tells you how to figure out her TRUE type - it's not always how they dress - then apply the five-sense appeal formula you are given that is designed for maximum seduction effectiveness on her specific type. Duh.

And that's just the start of the teaching, but it's the end of the offer. Time to make a decision.

Buy it now, or read the emails then buy it, whichever. But don't blow it and skip off somewhere else. Plus, if you bought any of that "stuff " - general information and tips and lists out there, some of it might make more sense after you add the HowtoGetGirls .com system to your knowledge banks because then you will be able to realize what type woman to use something they said on.

That's just a taste of how simple understanding can make your actions with women very effective and greatly reduce rejections. You are grown, you got enough proof and a sample to make a $17 decision. In the end there are only two types of guys trying to get girls - those armed with this system of Knowledge, Strategy and Technique and those who aren't. Good luck to you going after a girl competing with a guy who got this and you didn't.

You get an entire package. In addition to the pdf, you get the entire audio of the system for easy learning; you get the Matrix, which is a self-diagnostic tool exclusive to HowTo that lets you know in minutes which of the Three Types of Women is right for you where YOU are in life right now; and you get a bonus pdf the Art of Kissing. it is essential to be good out the gate kissing a woman! These old-school secret lip-to-lip combat technique will have her swooning and melting in your arms. It all starts with a kiss!

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"Everything that you write has the ring of truth and I can't wait to keep studying your materials and continue practicing out in the field."
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  • ” I do need to make sure you know how greatly affected I was by volume I. It took me more than two years to completely digest the truths given. It can be accomplished only by experience and by constant reference to the book during the interaction with girls. I have been changing my whole character up until now and still do. Thanks to you, I now feel the world is mine. What most incredible is that we understand women. We can predict their behavior and nothing takes us off balance. The world is ours. It has always been said that Sigmund Freud knew everything, except for what women want. You have outdone him and thanks to you so have I. You can use my praises on your site if you wish. I’d be honored.” – Ziv

  • “I got the ebook and I have read it through 3 times already, and each time I read it I seem to find something that I missed before, because it is so deep. I know there is a lot of truth behind your book.”

  • “I received your first book on “how to get all the girls you want” in the middle of February 2001. I finished reading the book for the first time on exactly 2/21/01. I carved the date into the side of my nightstand …”

  • “I emailed you several days ago about your book. To my surprise you replied back very promptly and answered some skeptical questions I had about the book . I decided to go ahead and purchase the ebook. I read the whole book that night. The book was very entertaining and insightful. Although I do feel that some of the words you use are inappropriate I overall enjoyed the book. For the past two days I’ve been incorporating what you have advocated in your book in my life. I have lacked in self esteem and especially when trying to talk to beautiful girls but your book made it seem so simple and easy. there is so much to say about the last two days but if I did, it would take a very long time to read.”

  • “Arthur. Your information is very very well done. I am quite (very) well read on the meet/date/mate/ with women topic, and have found your info to be relevant, truthful, practical, very well done and from my experience, right on the money.”

  • “Although I am not very shy and have an upbeat, outgoing personality, I did have a habit of not interacting with women right. Now, I have essentially no fear of approaching or being rejected. It’s almost fun now. I used to practice a direct approach with women, but now I approach them directly, confidently, but almost as if I need nothing from them…the content on sensory input is great…”

Complete Download Instructions and Passwords are on your PayPal receipt. Check your email including spam folders. You will automatically be redirected to the Download Center. Thank you for your purchase. You will thank me later.

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I've put what thousands of men have said proved to them to be the answer to the problem of handling women all together for you in a virtual treasure-trove of Knowledge, Strategy and Techniques for attracting, captivating and controlling the Creature Called Woman (title of one of the chapters, and scientifically very accurate as I show you).

In solving my problem I solved the problem for more than 10,000 other men, so I think you should give me a chance at solving yours. Even if you doubt you, but I believe in you, I've got 10,000 to 1 I'm right. That's why I give you a 60-Day No Questions Asked Moneyback Guarantee. Help me help you!

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  • “This book is like nothing I have ever read! You really know what you are doing….in a screwed up world between males and females today you shine light on very dark and sometimes unknown areas. Thank You. I did not ever think that a book like this would work, but fortunately, you proved me wrong.”

  • “…in fact Book I & II operate like a powerful mind-virus editing computer program and it edits out the bullshit one has absorbed and is used to….”

  • “…received, read and now observing aka end of book 1. Nice work, Chief. I salute you. already my attitude is changing. 2 or 3 women last night, whilst walking gave me the “caught in the headlights stare” and walk straight towards me (nearly into me). pity about the accompanying male, giving me the evils!!! LOL…”

  • “Thanks for the passwords. I’ve been reading and so far this stuff is priceless! Thanks again. I’ll let you know when I finish reading. Take care. You da man!”

  • “I got your first book. It’s the Bomb! Thank You!”

  • “Dear Arthur, I will not give my name at this time. but I just wanted to let you know that after many brutal relationships I happened to stumble across your book while doing research on the internet. I purchased your first book and it has improved my interaction and understanding of females 200%.”

Having a little or a lot of money and things really doesn't matter if you don't have the Love of Your Life, the Girl of Your Dreams by your side.

Or, how can you be The Man without being able to Attract, Captivate and Control beautiful women?

  • Success with Women Made Easy Matrix Webinar

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You Are Minutes Away...

Complete Download Instructions and Passwords are on your PayPal receipt. Check your email including spam folders. You will automatically be redirected to the Download Center. Thank you for your purchase. You will thank me later.

Are you going to intelligently participate in deciding and then controlling the woman in your life or are you going to just "let it happen" to you?

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